Defined Contribution Plan Recordkeeping and Administration

Optimized plan management to help your employees save and your business prosper

Managing a Defined Contribution Plan (DCP) is a dynamic process with many rules, from age eligibility to withdrawal stipulations to IRS notifications. Handling everything cost-effectively requires seasoned experts and resources many businesses don’t have. But Campbell Albrecht has you covered.

We’ve been optimizing DCPs for 20+ years in every industry, so you can rely on our experienced team and agile, state-of-the-art technology to manage your plan smoothly and efficiently. From contributions to distribution processing to government documentation, we’ll handle everything so your business will save time and money while maintaining compliance.

Our certified 401(k) experts ensure your DCP is delivering maximum ROI to your business

You need a partner who keeps things simple, that’s why we take care of everything. Campbell Albrecht will:
  • Calculate/Confirm employee eligibility and plan entry
  • Annually audit employee and employer contributions, including loan repayments, at the participant level
  • Maintain participant vested percentage records
  • Prepare annual vesting statements and/or vesting download to recordkeeper
  • Process each payroll, allocating contributions, and loan payments according to each participant's investment elections (Recordkeeping clients only)
  • Processed fund transfers in accordance with participant elections (Recordkeeping clients only)
  • Determine eligibility for allocation of employer contributions and forfeitures
  • Allocate employer contributions
  • Allocate plan earnings (Recordkeeping clients only)
  • Process distributions: calculate distribution amount, prepare required distribution notices, release forms and IRS Form 1099-R
  • Process loans: set up loan accounts, prepare promissory note and amortization schedule, and track loan repayments
  • Process hardship withdrawals: Determine distribution amount and prepare application forms
  • Reconcile trust accounts
  • Prepare customized participant statements (Recordkeeping clients only)
  • Monitor participants who are required to receive age 70½ distributions
  • And more

Comprehensive Retirement Plan Services
with a Personal Touch

Whether you need a supplemental service or a complete retirement solution, you’ll have
a dedicated team of certified experts with you every step of the way

Defined Benefit Plan Actuarial Services and Administration

Our state-of-the-art technology ensures employees get their distributions, financial risk is managed, employer contributions are appropriate, and required documentation is prepared and submitted

Annual Compliance Testing and Government Reporting

Our specialists thoroughly test your retirement plan and handle all government reporting so you’re always in compliance with all federal regulations


Whether you need to amend a plan or conduct a benefits study, our experts design and execute roadmaps for any retirement project, ensuring clarity, accountability, and maximum ROI